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What kind of hotel can receive two representative?

Date: 2017-03-07

The two meetings held in Beijing, on behalf of the members all over the country gathered in Beijing.They in addition to the great hall of the people to attend the plenary session, resident hotel is the representatives meeting, eat, live is the most important place.Every year of the various provinces and cities represent compound basic same, but also some slight adjustments.The things to talk about today on behalf of the resident hotel.Compound of delegations in 2015 as an example, 35 delegations at 18 hotels, and the same number for the past two years.

Jin Lin hotel, compared with 2014, when Beijing dacheng road exit on the 9th of reception, Asia hotel, tian jian hotel to join.The 11th National People's Congress of five years, a total of 26 hotel Beijing hosted the delegation.In 2008, to participate in the reception of hotel at least, there are 15;Up to 2012, there are 21.

The media reported, the missions of the hotel, the choice of main arranged by the office of the National People's Congress and the general office of the Chinese people's political consultative conference.A hotel can be elected to the "two sessions" representatives, and its location, environment, facilities, service conditions and security capacity, in addition, during the two sessions, the hotel is not open.As big first, Beijing, traffic congestion is serious, the "two sessions" representatives in hotel will place from the great hall of the people's travel convenience degree is regarded as one of the most important reason.

So most of the "two sessions" delegation in the hotel within the fourth ring, and mostly on changan avenue or along the main loop.Second, the facilities of the hotel service levels and conference reception conditions is also a factor.The "two sessions" representatives in the hotel, hardware may not have much luxury, but mostly in the form of the hotel industry "national team".GuoYi hotel, for example, before its first hostel under the state council;The hotel two strokes, the predecessor is the hostel of the state council, reception site could have been the central state organs, the function of the meeting is more complete.