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Economy hotel how to avoid the Olympic Games after the excess of hotel

Date: 2006-06-12

As the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, lodging industry enters a war footing.How can both meet the demand of special reception during the Olympics without cause waste of resources, after the Olympic economy hotel development become the focus of the industry."After the end of the Olympics, many small and medium-sized business guests and leisure tourists will become the mainstream of budget hotel customers."

Hotel structural asymmetry with customers

At present, Beijing has 658 star-rated hotels and 109000 rooms;The star class hotel reception facilities, 4023, 157666 rooms, 333681 beds.It should be said that the total basic can satisfy the market demand of before and after the Olympic Games, but there are some outstanding problems in structure.High star hotel facilities, management norms, but high prices;While prices are low and common social hotel, but the facilities of the environment, poor management, specification.High prices too high and low is too low, medium and standardized management of the middle level hotel few and far between.And the current market demand in China is on the contrary, according to the famous hotel chain brand "home", according to a survey of 150 yuan to 300 yuan is the mainstream consumption in the hospitality industry, especially in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai price in 200 yuan hotel is the most popular.

In the domestic market, business activity is frequent, floating population, but 90% of business guests belong to small and medium-sized customers, they are quite sensitive to price, full of high star hotel banquet, recreation facilities and the doorman luggage service doesn't matter, their value is whether the guest room clean and comfortable, the traffic is convenient, communication is convenient, and these is the hotel can provide a lot of society.Moreover, with the improvement of citizen consumption ability, our society has entered a stage of large-scale leisure vacation travel, the tourists also willing to accept clean, cheap, fast and can provide the basic guarantee of the hotel.Specialized in hotel design of Beijing three like wu hotel design consultant co., LTD., chairman of Wang Yi said, the United States currently has 45000 hotels, with nearly 40000 small and medium-sized economy hotel, volume accounted for 88%, compared with more than 50%, income and assets is the absolute mainstream of the market.But our country at present, there are more than star hotel is about 11000, one of about 2000, 2-star hotel, volume accounted for about 18%, accounted for about 15% of revenue, while assets accounted for only less than 10%.

Given such a gap in the market, the economy hotel arises at the historic moment in recent years.The so-called economy hotel, a general definition is the most preferential price and provide services to meet the need of basic facilities to attract guests, high cost performance is the embodiment of the budget hotel core competitiveness.At present, our country economy hotel mostly belongs to form chain, the chain between the unified brand image, unified service standards, unified distribution, unified marketing.Although there have been a few years of development, but it is still the main star of jinjiang, super 8, such as home inns & one of the few brands.Home inns has covered Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, hangzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu and other 37 major cities, has 126 shops, there are 25 in Beijing, is currently the fastest growing, the highest number of economy hotel opening hotel brand.Youth hostel nearly hundred in the country, there are 23 in Beijing.Super 8 is one of the world's largest budget hotel operator, nearly 2100 hotels operating in the global scope, and open in China's economy hotel is only 61.Recently, by the Beijing municipal tourism bureau, municipal commerce bureau and the city investment promotion bureau hosted "to meet the 2008 Beijing international fair for investment and management and budget hotel accommodation industry development forum", the capital airport hotel, shun xin green resort, abundant south hotel, longquan hotel of Beijing's 18 districts and counties, 103 hotels have been brought to the "seller" position, with 35 investors from home and abroad, financial institutions, well-known hotel management group, to discuss cooperation, in order to make the hotel more can meet the need of the market.