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The 10th global hotel industry culture industry peak BBS held successfully in the deep

Date: 2018-05-16

After 3 days of shenzhen 14th wenbo goose au venue - the 10th global tour industry BBS, the 10th global hotel industry culture industry peak BBS and 2018 global tourism golden cup prize, Marco Polo medal awards (10th) and the 10th anniversary of the global tourism glory carnival series of activities on May 13, 2018 at 6 PM is very satisfactory.This is China's wild goose (shenzhen) international cultural industries fair (icif venue of one of the series of activities, since 2009 has been held successfully for ten years in a row, so far from the world more than 20 countries and regions, more than 6000 cultural dignitaries and well-known scholars, tourism and hotel industry executives and relevant personage participated in this event.To promote the cultural construction has played an important role in industry, both at home and abroad have produced profound influence, and become the world's important communication platform in the field of tourism hotel industry sustainable development.
The activities around the "block chain, cultural confidence and new era development" the innovation idea, from senior government officials, the tourism industry at home and abroad, a think-tank, famous hotel management group, the hotel, scenic spots, famous fund, investment institutions and the media organizations, such as more than 500 delegates gathered to discuss 2018 new industry development.Activity and the former is slightly different this year conference reception arranged for conventional MC service not only, also added a shenzhen airlines and feasible and golden key organization to provide high standard conference service in China, especially in airports, railway stations, the hotel lobby on 26 golden key reception dress neatly, not only for the participants from afar provides a full range of business services experience, greatly shortens the airport pick up, register and check-in procedures to handle time, has become the wenbo will be a beautiful scenery line, give the delegates and shenzhen wenbo would have left a deep impression, is a good addition to the general assembly!

This activity first 2 o 'clock in the afternoon of May 12,, in shenzhen baoan district dunhill international hotel opening, by the shenzhen tourism association vice-chairman, shenzhen airlines, hotel management company general manager Mr Huang Jian host, by the international tourism association, vice chairman and President of the Asia Pacific, China's tourism industry development, a think-tank, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the organizing committee of the BBS Mr Yuan Yong spoke first, and published on "block chain cultural confidence the new era of development" of the keynote speech;After the former deputy minister of construction, China real estate association and President of architectural society of China, Mr Song, vice President of China tourist hotel association, shenzhen hotel industry chamber of commerce executive director Mr He Zhuanglong Mr Liu yi, Laos tourism chief priests BOUNMA PHETSAVONG, wild goose au cultural industrial park general manager Mr Huang prosperous respectively issued a wonderful speech.